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forever more- feedbackplease

a thousand tears i cry about you
my heart yearns for your lust
my head screams for your acknowledgment

but no more i say.
not a day i dont think of you
you have me around the nail bed of your little finger

you hurt me so much
the women you see and love
i detest this because it is not me

your lying and little games you play
they are no fun anymore
look what you have done to me
am i a nervous wreck ?

i rememeber that look you gave me
full of love and ad-miration
not any more
am i not good enough ?

you see what you do not know is
my hidden plan for our love to last
i will lay next to you for ever more

my darling you were my life
but it did not work out above this world
so now you can be my love once more below it for ever more.

two sides of me

am i fat? i say
am i pretty? i say
of course you are your beautiful in every way
but no i shall not listen to thee
for thee is just as ugly as me

i do not listen to the truth of your words
for your mouth speaks foul smake tongue
your broad
your round
and are not elagant in any way

so tell me why? why shall thee listen
for i have spoken and shall not listen to either me or thee for i am myself one and only

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